Class Catalog

Ike West's courses are catagorized under the following headings: Seminars, Intensives and Retreats.

Introducing Ike West's Intensives...

Each of us travels many pathways in life. The course we take my lead us to discover rich self understanding, high spiritual truth or greater consciousness of the world and universe. Then, rare experiences may give us all these gifts. If you see life as a continuous journey of soul development and search for creative approaches to inspiration, you are not alone. Join a circle of like-minded people FOR 2-3 DAYS as a spiritual topic is studied and/or practiced for deeper understanding and integration into daily life consciousness. The Intensives usually review West's introductory workshops in each appropriate subject area and then move into material not included in the coursework listed above. Thus, people new to West's work are welcome to participate. In addition to the specific offerings listed below, any of the seminars can be studied in depth as a weekend long Intensive.

ALL Hallow’s Eve – ALL Weekend Long

Celebrated for thousands of years, All Hollow’s Eve, or Halloween, is the one night each year when the natural order of the universe dissolves back into chaos and prepares to re-establish itself in a new way. During this window of opportunity, people can step out of time as we know it, to commune with spirits. At the cusp between summer’s end and winter’s beginning, people of many cultures participate in ceremony and gain blessings from other realms. Treat yourself to this weekend, then go home with tricks to attract or (dispel!) spirits on All Hallow’s Eve—and throughout the rest of the year. The weekend focus is upon drawing in the spirit of ancestors, the proper respect to pay such spirits, and how to use the
connection in appropriate ways to improve your life and pay proper diligence to your familial ties as well.

Cleansing Ceremonies & Hands On Healing

Through ceremony, participants work to heal the spirit body, which in turn impacts the physical, emotional and mental bodies. Each successive ceremony is an opportunity to build upon skills practiced in other healing classes, but no experience is necessary. Everybody is welcome, and the benefits are immediate. Participants relax and expand awareness of the spirit body each session, in order to impact the state of balance and health in life. Please note that students work on one another, as in all hands on healing techniques. For long stretches of time, participants must sit or lie on the floor so warm, comfortable clothing are necessary. Also, if sitting on the floor without support for the back is difficult or tiring, you are welcome to attend and observe.

Dream Journaling & The Keeper of Pillow Books

A must for any body who dreams, this seminar introduces techniques for dream journaling that far exceed the mere interpretation of symbols. Tools offered allow participants to record dreams in a manner that keeps them fresh, and gives voice to inner wisdom, so that no outside dream interpreter is necessary. The class is a worthwhile and fun excursion into the land of dreams. NOTE: This coursework is often combined with the introductory Dream On! seminar and advanced information about working dream time as well. It makes for a dynamic weekend that shatters old paradigms about what Spirit does while we sleep.

LIFE RHYTHMS–The Ever-Growing Soul

Sometimes it is extremely helpful to understand what steps in the process of spiritual unfoldment we have missed in our earlier years. Living in a culture that denies the significance and the very existence of our soul work, we need to see the entire continuum of spiritual passages so we are better prepared for the one we now face. For some, this class makes clear the areas of growth we missed so we can work toward experiencing each step anew, as where spirit is concerned–it’s never too late! West highlights developmental information about the human aura, and the ceremonies assist participants in building consciousness of the layers of the aura, and corresponding chakra involved in the spiritual development of individuals. For some, benefits become immediately evident, for others further growth is stimulated and the life changes connected to the work are noticable later.


One benefit of a highly active third eye is the ability to lay and more importantly understand the message given through cards such as tarot. The laying and reading of cards helps individuals understand why life changes occur and what the overall impact is upon the spirit. In this seminar, the group uses the Soul Card deck, created by Deborah Koff-Chapin, to select and identify possible meaning within the many cards chosen by participants. Each student is asked to bring his/her own deck, to have them blessed in ceremony, as all spiritual tools require in order to reach full potential. In the daily sessions, students return with their deck of Soul Cards, in order to learn appropriate patterns of laying the cards, in order to bring forth enlightenment about life circumstances faced at the time. By intuitively choosing specific cards, the
soul of the matter becomes evident, as West helps with interpretation for optimum insight and understanding. Participants find it a fun and relaxing event!

The ABC’s of An Ageless Mind

Spirituality can be a doorway to renewal in the second half of life for both women and men. This course is designed to promote the spiritual lifestyles of people forty years and older who look forward to assuming their places among the community of Elders. Stereotypically, as we age, some believe we get more rigid and set in our thinking. However, such a mindset can be easily changed with just a few insights into everyday thought patterns. Being conscious of what keeps our mental body fresh is helpful to people of all ages, especially those of us who are looking to retire and have much time on our hands–and minds! During the class participants are helped to understand how to adopt attitudes that help maintain health and well being, even as we enter the twilight years. Included in the presentation are pitfalls to avoid so one does not stumble into boredom or despair. The class offers many practical ideas so that mind-over-matter remains basic to all stages of life.